Flipping science in the Philippines

Flipscience Mikael Angel Francisco

Here’s a podcast guest who awed me so much that I lost my words at one point. He also left me no excuses for slacking. Advice and inspiration from Mikael Angelo Francisco who runs science portal Flipscience with Hana Abello.

Let’s start reporting science

Ep3 title Let's start reporting science

You want to soar as a freelance science journalist in Southeast Asia? It’s tough but fun! My advice is to start small and aim big. Listen and take your pick of the tips dished out by Dyna Rochmyaningsih and Sandy Ong.

Life of science journalists in Southeast Asia

Cover for Monsoon episode 1

Three freelance science journalists talk about what we do in Southeast Asia and what we like about this career (it’s a career for the curious!) and its challenges (show me the money, please).