Monsoon podcast, science stories from Southeast Asia

This will house the show notes for Monsoon, my upcoming podcast that helps listeners learn about Southeast Asia through science and science journalism.


Monsoon episodes will be posted bi-weekly and alternate between science and journalism.


For example, Episode 1 might explore the diversity of wild pigs (11 species!) here and discuss what that tells us about the region. For Episode 2, I might pick a science story written in Southeast Asia and chat about it with the journalist to get at ways we can thrive as science journalists here.


If you wish to contribute materials or expertise to Monsoon, please reach out to me (email in “About” page).


Stay tuned ya.

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Jan 5, 2021 | EPISODE 1

Telling Science Stories

What do science journalists do?

Science journalists AA join me to talk about our careers in Southeast Asia. Expect to hear about the fun and struggles.

Feb 29, 2021 | EPISODE 2

Doing Science

Kryptonite found!

Geologist Somchai Saeteng tells us about his recent discovery of a massive network of kryptonite deposits beneath the Isthmus of Kra. Also, Superman speaks candidly about his concerns. (Spoiler: He’s not cancelling his trip to Ko Samui soon.)

NOT Monsoon, but here are some radio documentaries I produced for BFM89.9. I did everything except narrate the script.

Living With Pain

Vaccine Designs

The Father of Vaccination, Edward Jenner

Economic Burden of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sildenafil–Journey from the heart to penis and more