Banner - Monsoon, science stories from southeast Asia
Banner - Monsoon, science stories from southeast Asia

Monsoon explores Southeast Asia with the scientists and science journalists there.

Produced and presented by Yao-Hua Law.

Sorry folks – Monsoon will go on a hiatus starting 05/21.

I started Monsoon in Feb with four months of shows lined up.

Then in March, I  received a year-long RIN fellowship that needs my full attention. As investigative reporting heats up,  I can’t afford to spend much time on Monsoon.

I’d rather pause than produce subpar shows.

Monsoon will return; I promise! Thanks for your support.

Apr 23, 2021 | EPISODE 5  

Storytelling Science

Here’s someone who wrote 700 science stories in 4 years – while working another full-time job. He left me no excuses for slacking. He co-founded Flipscience, a portal of podcasts and stories on science in the Philippines for Filipinos.

With freelance science journalist Mikael Angelo Francisco.

MAR 26, 2021 | EPISODE 4  

Doing Science

Do you dive? I don’t, but as a kid, I have swam in coral reefs off the coast of Malaysia. The colours of the corals and the fishes blew me away – everything was alive and over the top. But while Southeast Asia is the crown of marine diversity, we are losing our corals. Let’s learn about corals and how we can protect them.

With marine biologist James Tan Chun Hong.

Photo: Sunflower cup coral. By James Tan.

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MAR 12, 2021 | EPISODE 3  

Storytelling Science

You want to take flight as a freelance science journalist in Southeast Asia? It’s a testing but rewarding venture. My advice is to start small and aim big. Come listen and take your pick of the strategies and suggestions dished out by three freelance science journalists.

With freelance science journalists Dyna Rochmyaningsih and Sandy Ong.

Photo: Green paddy in Malaysia by Fauzan Saari on Unsplash 

FEB 26, 2021 | EPISODE 2  

Doing Science

Frizzy beard above the nose; thick warts on the face; chitty-chatty and yet ready to butt heads for sex. This episode is all about the many species of wild pigs that roam the forests of Southeast Asia and their deadly new threat, the African swine fever.

With conservation scientists Matthew Linkie and Sheherazade.

Photo: Bornean bearded pig by Andreas Krappweis from FreeImages.

FEB 26, 2021 | EPISODE 1     

Storytelling Science

Science journalists (like me!) are a rare breed in Southeast Asia. But we serve an important public service by reporting on science and scientists. We tell science stories, and we safeguard the public good (wow~). Sounds great, no? But what’s life like for freelance science journalists here? Can we make a living? We dissect our careers in this episode.

With science journalists Dyna Rochmyaningsih and Sandy Ong.

NOT Monsoon, but here are some radio documentaries I produced for BFM89.9. I did everything except narrate the script.

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