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This Blog

I’ve discovered that writing science for the general public is a lot more fun and expressive than writing for scientific journals! This blog hosts all my works in science journalism, mostly of ecology and evolution studies.


Me, Yao-Hua Law


Having enjoyed the first 19 years of my life in warm, humid, tropical Malaysia, I flew over to Canada where I spent the next 4 years in the cold but crudely romantic Montreal, completing my B. Sc. (Env. Biology) in McGill University. The East Coast winter was beautiful, but I missed the warmth (and the inconvenience of a snow jacket was too much to bear) and so I hopped over to California, where I completed my Ph.D. (Entomology) under Prof. Jay Rosenheim in the University of California-Davis, studying cannibalism behaviour in bigeyed bugs (Geocoris). Although Davis was the closest thing to a 2nd home I’ve ever had, delicious, pungent durians were impossible to find and so, I returned to Malaysia after 8 years in North America.

In 2011-2014, I’ve taught and conducted insect behavioural ecology research in Universiti Putra Malaysia. Then I decided to plunge into science writing. I will miss the students; they proved that one cannot do better in life than teach.  The durians in UPM too, are much missed.

Since 2014, I have written for BBC Earth, Discover Magazine, SciDev.Net, Mosaic, The Scientist, Popular Science, Cosmos, Double Helix, ResearchSEA, ScienceShots (AAAS), and a number of industrial newsletters. I have also produced documentaries and daily shows for Health and Living segment of BFM89.9, a Malaysian radio station.

Enjoy reading.


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